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What is sulfate group?

Fucoidan needs bonding amount of sulfate group 13 % to show healthy power!

The [sulfate group] included in fucoidan is the ingredient which becomes origin of sulfuric acid literally.
Even if we say sulfuric acid, it isn't a powerful drug.
Sulfuric acid will be harmlessly in the state combined with organic matter, and this state is being called [sulfate group].

It becomes clear that the important role is played for sulfate group in fucoidan to show various healthy power by the former study.
And it's important to need bonding amount of sulfate group at least more than 13 % to show the healthy power. When picking fucoidan out from seaweed of a raw material for it, it's important not to remove sulfate group.

Fucoidan consists of an ingredient of a galactose, xylose and an uronic acid centering on fucose mainly.
It can be said the feature of fucoidan is to include sulphonyl much, and that this point is a big difference with much other polysaccharide.
The feature of the sulfate group is the power in which water is stored by far the most.
That produces the state like the gel made clamminess and makes the surface of the seaweed be moistened.
It protects a body for health by a human body.

It's also homogeneous with an ingredient of mucilagenous of person's stomach, so when fucoidan enters in the stomach, the sulfate group is compatible with a clammy ingredient of the similar nature and often matched.

There are also several kinds by the kind of seaweed, and fucoidan is also different in structure of the adhesive clamminess respectively.
Fucoidan study of recent years was showing that mozuku-seaweed with a lot of adhesive ingredients is most desirable in particular in the seaweed for health.

Mozuku-seaweed includes fucoidan as much as about 8 times of the other seaweed. It also includes sulfation fucose more than other seaweed.
When choosing a fucoidan product, it's essential to choose the sales company which is checking the content of the sulfate group and the bonding amount accurately and is specifying these numerical analysis and result of analysis.

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