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9:00~21:00 *Only Japanese

The business hours of Fucoidan Kenkodo

The business hours
The internet reception It's open throughout the year for 365 days for 24 hours and we're open.
The telephone reception (order and question / Only Japanese) Daily (The weekend holiday is also all right) morning 9:00-night 21:00
※An exclusive call center will handle after 17:30 in weekday, and the weekend holiday.
Coming to our shop Weekday (The weekend holiday, Lantern Festival and New Year's close down) morning 10:00-evening 17:00
Note ※If you're ordered by 16:00, we'll ship it off on the same day.
* We'll ship it off on the same day basically, but it's shipped off in the following business day in case of an order of the weekend holiday. Please ask for more information.
* Please inquire one from the form in case of a foreign language.

Order from the internet, order from fax and a question from the contact form are being accepted for 365 days per 24 hours.

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店休日(A store holiday)is absent from shipping off of goods

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