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What is fucoidan?

There was startling healthy power in fucoidan!

When eating seaweed and the time when seaweed and seaweed of mozuku-seaweed were fingered, is it clammy?
Fucoidan is one kind of numerous sugar bodies becomes sulfuric acid included in an ingredient of clamminess of seaweed. 沖縄もずくフコイダン
When saying numerous sugar bodies, the mucoid numerous sugar bodies included in an aloe and beta accomplice can included in Agaricus are often learned about.

Fucoidan is the natural ingredient included in that "clamminess" and it's one kind of polysaccharide.
It's this role of "clamminess" to protect as these Nemacystis decipiens, Undaria pinnatifida and kelp were bumped against a rock during a flow of intense tide, and when being injured, bacteria covers the hurt and restores a cell, and doesn't enter. Seaweed will be bathed in light in the sun directly at time of the reflux, and it dries. A "clammy" ingredient will be also protective film at such time, and it protects myself against dryness.

In other words, fucoidan plays the role of the barrier by which seaweed protects myself and stops dryness and bacteria from an external stimulus of a tide and ultraviolet rays.
We're finding out that the ingredient included in this "clamminess" has marvellous healthy power for us, too.

Now, seaweed is wound in the same way at a sea, it's swaying. But the amount in which fucoidan is included by the kind of seaweed is different.

↑Okinawamozuku separates Mekabu and seaweed big so that it may be understood even if you see an upper chart, and is top-level.
This is also well-founded accurately.

That's because Okinawamozuku lives at a shallower sea than Mekabu and seaweed.

Okinawamozuku will be bathed in light in the sun directly at a sea at time of the reflux, and it dries.
It's as I told a short while ago that it's fucoidan to do the business which protects itself against dryness.
So fucoidan is included more to protect oneself in Okinawamozuku which lives in a shallow sea than other seaweed and Mekabu.

We'll recommend a product in which refinement technology with Okinawa mozuku-seaweed is excellent to a raw material.

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