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Fucoidan AF Premium contains Ascophyllum of interest.

Structural formula of fucoidan and AscofilamAscophyllum is a polysaccharide which is also called Algit and is contained in seaweed and others. It is a kind of brown algae native to the North Atlantic coast, mainly in Northern Europe, North America, etc. It is brown alga close to Hibamata which is harvested in Japan's waters.
In Norway, it is dried and drunk as tea.

Ascophyllum contains minerals and so on, it is a nutritionally important food.Compared to kelp, it has 2 times calcium, 5 times iron, 2 times more than vitamin A, 15 times more vitamin E, and has a balanced nutrient tend to be deficient.

Recently, research on the influence of Ascophyllum on cells and organisms at universities and the like has been conducted, it is found that Ascophyllum has stronger health power than fucoidan, mutual power with fucoidan is expected.

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