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Q.What is fucoidan?

A.Fucoidan is the natural ingredient by which Nemacystus decipiens and kelp are included in "clamminess". It's one kind of polysaccharide.
Don't you feel clamminess in the time when seaweed was fingered and the time when you eat?
Fucoidan is the natural ingredient included in that "clamminess" and it's one kind of polysaccharide.
It's this role of "clamminess" to protect as these Nemacystis decipiens, Undaria pinnatifida and kelp were bumped against a rock during a flow of intense tide, and when being injured, bacteria covers the hurt and restores a cell, and doesn't enter. Seaweed will be bathed in light in the sun directly at time of the reflux, and it dries. A "clammy" ingredient will be also protective film at such time, and it protects myself against dryness.
In other words, fucoidan plays the role of the barrier by which seaweed protects myself and stops dryness and bacteria from an external stimulus of a tide and ultraviolet rays.
We're finding out that the ingredient included in this "clamminess" has marvellous healthy power for us, too.

Q.What kind of effect do we have on fucoidan?

A.It isn't possible to tell you the information to which we cause misunderstanding by a regulation of a law.
There are books written about fucoidan, so we think it's best to check it by yourself.

Q.What is the feature only of Fucoidan AF Premium different from other fucoidan?

A. The following feature is raised by Fucoidan AF Premium
1.A lot of ingredient amount
2.High degree of purity and a high-quality raw material is used
3.Ascophyllum of attention is combined
4.Fucoxanthin is combined
5.It's also checked by an analysis engine of the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare designation accurately after product completion
Besides that, important nutriment of an amino acid, vitamin B1, B2 and B6 are often combining a balance.

Q.What is the feature of Fucoidan Kenkodo?

A.We'll have the voice to which they say "If it's your store, it can be bought surely." much.
Foundation for 27 years. We have a good record of performance with healthy food sale for 20 years and fucoidan product sale for 10 years.
We have the voice much appreciates so far.
We're thinking usual "Can't some products be made something better now?" "We'd like to make it the product which can show more power more than some products now." in our company and are making a series of research with development.
New-released Fucoidan AF Premium increased high-quality fucoidan as the purity 85% of a OKINAWAMOZUKU raw material made in Okinawa and is combining Ascophyllum of attention now.
High-quality fucoidan was increased and Ascophyllum was combined, so we're convinced that health can be supported more strong than a conventional fucoidan product.

Q.I heard that that the amount of fucoidan had abundant mozuku-seaweed made in Tonga for me.

A.Fucoidan was contained by Okinawamozuku which is being treated by us 89.9 %, and that found out that even the world is high containing.
Almost no refinement technology of fucoidan was established in super-low molecular fucoidan sale before about 10 years now. When there was also little fucoidan of a refined raw material, it was said that one made in Tonga was good.
But refinement technology evolved, and raw material fucoidan came to be refined by many traders. We found out as a result, Okinawa mozuku-seaweed origin fucoidan was high-quality made in Tonga, and that the ingredient amount by which it's for fucose and sulfate group is rich. Fucoidan refined for Okinawa mozuku-seaweed is high-quality fucoidan where the world can be proud in now.

Q.Does it have side effects (An improvement reaction is included.)?

A.Fucoidan AF Premium is healthy food, so it has no side effect. Please be relieved.
But a flight sometimes becomes loose in start of drinking. We'll suggest that the accepted amount is being reduced once in that case and it's being increased gradually.

Q.In Fucoidan AF Premium, so far, a different ingredient (Ascophyllum、fucoxanthin) is included, but doesn't allergy go out?

A.The allergic reaction is individually different.
The raw material used for Fucoidan AF Premium is experimented with an animal completely, and it's being checked whether allergic reaction doesn't go out. You can drink surely. But when allergic reaction has gone out, we'll recommend to reduce the accepted amount and see how things are.

Q.There are no sugarless types. I'm worried about sugar, but is it OK?

A.Yes, it's OK.
A sweetness ingredient in Fucoidan AF Premium is safe harmless sweetener in a form called erythritol. 90% is absorbed by the interior of the body by the ingredient included in fruits and floral honey, but it's discharged in the urine just as it is, so a worried person can drink sugar surely, too.

Q.Which is it better to drink, liquid in Fucoidan AF Premium or a capsule?

A.Both are all right.
Please choose the one the person who drinks tends to drink according to the lifestyle.

Q.How much amount should be accepted?

A.It's healthy food, so there are no strict amounts.
Please drink 30-60ml (2-3 capsules) for 1 day as the rule of thumb. When being worried about health, please drink 300ml-400ml (15-20 capsules) in the rule of thumb. When feeling bad condition by excessive drinking, please adjust it.

Q.I heard that fucoxanthin was weak in heat, but can Fucoidan AF Premium preserve it in room temperature?

A.Yes, it's possible.
Fucoxanthin combined by our Fucoidan AF Premium is making the experiment heated for 1 hour by 80 ℃ or 100 ℃ and is using a stable high-quality raw material to heat.
A remains test of agricultural chemicals and the test which is repeated-dose administration toxicity for 90 days also use an expensive raw material of cleared safety, so please be also relieved at the point.   
Please avoid and keep hot high humidity and the direct sunlight.
※Fucoxanthin has the oily nature originally.But it melts in no water by oiliness, so the water solubility fucoxanthin which has been developed for the first time in Japan so that it may melt in water is used in liquid-type of Fucoidan AF Premium(Oily one is used for the capsular type).

Q.What kind of taste is liquid?

A.The felt taste is individually different, but below is the impressions when a staff drank that actually.
It has the taste by which the flavor of the seaweed was added to Nemacystus decipiens vinegar. It's sour with the sweetness, but it seems to strong in the flavor of the seaweed by the first impression held in the mouth. We drank with former fucoidan and compared, but an aftertaste is simple, and the reflection which tastes good is most.
By all means, please try the taste in trial set.

Q.When liquid is difficult to drink, can I mix something?

A.When it isn't a stimulant of coffee and liquor, the favorite one like fruit juice may be mixed and drunk.
But, an ingredient becomes thin and Absorbency of an ingredient falls by mixing other water in quantities. Please be careful.

Q.Can I drink with medicine?

A.Please stop to mix with medicine.
Fucoidan AF Premium is made with natural seaweed and a natural ingredient. Therefore even if you drink with medicine and other healthy food, it's no problem.
But, please stop to add medicine to fucoidan.

Q.Can I drink with other healthy food?

A.OK. But, when utilizing the respective special qualities, please shift and drink time, not to drink at the same time.
When drinking aromatic vinegar, it's also included in Fucoidan AF Premium, so even if you leave there, it's good.

Q.Is it subject to restrictions of the age and the constitution to drink that?

A.Please consult with a doctor about allergy to soybeans and the one subject to hormone restrictions. There is nothing but that in particular.
Fucoidan is made of a natural ingredient such as the natural food component included in the seaweed family of the mozuku-seaweed and the seaweed. It's the same thing as that mozuku-seaweed and seaweed are being eaten, so everyone can drink continually in spite of the age.

Q.Even if a senior citizen and a pregnant woman drink, is it safe?

A.Yes, it's safe.
Nano encapsulation fucoidan is excellent in absorbency, so please try everyone by all means.

Q.Isn't iodine included?

A.It's a small amount, but it's included in Ascophyllum.
The result as 0.7mg/100g is in by the liquid type in the analysis test result note of Japan Food Research Laboratories. A restricted person consult with a doctor about iodine absorption, please.

Q.I'm using a colostomy, but even if I drink, is it OK?

A.Yes, it's OK. Liquid type of Fucoidan AF Premium is water-soluble. Therefore it's no problem.
It isn't sometimes clogged, so please be relieved.

Q.Is Fucoidan AF Premium medical supplies?

A.This products aren't medical supplies with specific effect and effect.
The dietary supplement which made fucoidan picked out from mozuku-seaweed of a seaweed food the main ingredient.

Q.I think Fucoidan AF Premium is more expensive than other fucoidan goods.

A.No, actually, Fucoidan AF Premium is worth.
The total amount of the raw material unit price per a kilogram by this product is exceeds 500,000 yen. The total unit price of the raw material is 100,000 yen from 50,000 yen per a kilogram for general fucoidan goods. When it's compared with those by the unit price of the raw material, Fucoidan AF Premium is goods more profitable than 5 times simply.
If you check a combination balance of the fucoidan content of the similar product which blended fucoidan, the fucoidan purity and content, the sulphonyl content and other ingredients well, you'd think this product is worth.
Please check the content, the purity and a component and choose a best without being confused by the immediate price.
It's usually less expensive than the price in our fixed period course, and still it's offered by a free delivery in Japan.

Q.Where is the manufacturer?

A.Our affiliated company as corporation BIKEN science.
It's stuffed into a bottle at the domestic factory which acquires the International Standardization Organization ISO9001 authentication using the raw material which was produced at the domestic factory which acquires the food safety management system, ISO22000 authentication and the organic JAS authorization which set safety as relief by the worldwide standard, and it's packed. So you're relieved.

Q.How much is a use-by date?

A.It's indicated on goods. It's about 2 years after production.
Please keep after opening by a refrigerator and drink within 2 months.

Q.Is it better to tell a doctor in attendance that I'm drinking?

A.Both are also fine.
Please consult about the limited case when you're having a meal or water.

Q.While delivering, doesn't a bottle break?

A.It's devised so as not to break.
Scrupulous notice is being taken of shipping off of goods while delivering, so as not to break. We'll put it in the exclusive cardboard box and ship it off, so please be relieved.

Q.If I order, in how much time will it reach?

A.It's different depending on the areas where a customer is living, but if it's in 2 or 3 days in Japan, and it's in 10 days from 2 days to foreign countries.
Report number of days table in EMS
After the confirmation a customer ordered, we're providing for shipping off on the same day or the next day.
※In case of shipping off to foreign countries, we ship off goods after payment confirmation.
※When it's collection on delivery in Japan, please pay the price to a delivery one at the time of a report.
※When it's a credit card, we'll ship off goods after pay by card procedure.

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