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How to drink

How to drink◆How should I drink Fucoidan AF Premium when?

1.We have the voice to which they say "When I drink fucoidan at the time of hunger 3 or 4 times a day, it's well." from many customers.
Please drink after liquid is often shaken.

When accepting a little, we'll recommend to drink in a morning and the evening.

2.First, please shake tightly and open the mouth of a bottle.
A lot of useful ingredients are combined by Fucoidan AF Premium. After often shaking in the top and the bottom in the state we plugged and mixing the contents, please drink to drink an ingredient equally.

It was picked out from a natural ingredient basically, so even if you drink too much, it won't be a problem, so please be relieved.

Drinking period◆How long should I keep drinking Fucoidan AF Premium?

There is no decision in a time limit and we'll recommend to drink continuously.

When not understanding, please inquire and even consult about store manager Takeda in the form.

Preservation method◆How should Fucoidan AF Premium be preserved?

<Liquid>Bottle of 900ml or 30ml
The direct sunlight is avoided and it's preserved by room temperature. Please keep after opening in a refrigerator.

The direct sunlight is avoided and it's preserved by room temperature.

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