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◆The set of liquid & capsule


The various part of Japan shipping charge is free, and the collection on delivery handling charge is free in Fucoidan Kenkodo!
【Order method】
Shopping precinct (the internet) order by telephone, fax and mail
An order reception by the telephone is daily 9:00-21:00.
Collection on delivery(in Japan), credit card, transferring (advance payment) and convenience store deferred payment (to 150,000 yen including the total balance tax)
* Collection on delivery... handling charge no charge
* Credit card... handling charge no charge
* Please bear the transferring... transfer handling charge.
* Convenience store deferred payment... handling charge no charge

* Mitsubishi UFJ Bank Fukuoka branch office An ordinary deposit 1934685.
Account holder's name :LOHAS corporation

The credit card which can be used
The credit card
【The report number of days】
It's different depending on destinations.
When it's in Japan, it'll be a report within 1-2 business days after procedure completion.
In case of collection on delivery, I'll ship it off immediately after your order in Japan.
In case of a credit card, it'll be shipping off after settlement completion.
In case of transfer at more than 150000 yen, it'll be shipping off after payment confirmation in Japan.
【Report time】
Possible to designate report time
When it's in Japan, it can be chosen from time above-mentioned.
【Shipping charge and handling charge, etc】
When it's in Japan, it isn't necessary.
※A transfer handling charge will be a customer burden.
Shipping off to foreign countries has a customer bear the shipping charge. Please accept it.
We'll ship it off in EMS (express mail service).
The question form is this.  
A person in charge:Yuka Takeda

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