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What is fucose?

Fucoidan is the polysaccharide with which sulfate group and uronate combined fucose as center composition saccharide
Fucose which concerns to show healthy power of fucoidan deeply

Fucoidan is included rich in mozuku-seaweed and other seaweed in a sticky substance of phaeophytes.
When it's seen chemically, fucoidan is the polysaccharide with which sulfate group and uronate combined fucose as center composition saccharide.

The name as "fucoidan" which is generally used isn't put on the substance of the identical structure. It's a general term of the polysaccharide by which the main ingredient is fucose.
A galactose, a mannose, xylose and an uronic acid exist besides fucose. It's different in composition saccharide and structural formula depending on the kinds of brown algae.

The "fucoidan content" of the fucoidan product is indicated by each manufacturer.
It'll be a checked point whether that's the content of "fucose" of the main ingredient which composes fucoidan or the content together with something besides fucose.

The indicated number isn't the content, and it may be the mixture amount. When it's usually commercialized, ingredient amount decreases, but many vendors to which the content after commercialization isn't announced officially exist.

It's "fucose" to concern to show healthy power of fucoidan deeply.
When comparing a fucoidan product, you have them show me analysis test outcome from a fucoidan sales company, and should check the content of fucose.

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