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Delivery of fucoidan to foreign countries

To an overseas visitor  (About the delivery of fucoidan to overseas)

We ship fucoidan goods to overseas in EMS (express mail service).
Please have a look here for details about EMS.

When shipping goods in Japan, our shop pays a mailing cost, but when it is overseas dispatch, a mailing cost and a handling fee will be taken as a visitor's burden.

Please understand that a mailing cost differs from a handling fee by a receiver's address.
Shipping charge to foreign countries see this, please. → The charge for EMS

Moreover, since the inspection of a customhouse of health food is severe, it may require time for a report by a country.

If demand of liking to receive goods is during Japan's hotel stay, please tell without reserve.
A hotel is connected with in advance and it goes into dispatch procedure.

If there is a question, please ask to contact form.

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