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Indication based on a specific commercial transaction way

Indication based on a specific commercial transaction way
【Dealer】LOHAS corporation
【Operation integration person in charge】A CEO Rie Horio
【Operation person】Yuka Takeda
【Zip code】816-0801
【Location】Kasugabaru Higashi-machi, Kasuga-shi, Fukuoka 2-8-1 Bill Murakami 2F (order-receiving distribution centre)
【Telephone number】092-588-5775
【The fax number】092-592-7755
【Your order method】Home page, e-mail, the telephone, fax and letter
【The expiration date of an application】It's indefinite basically, but it sometimes changes with the situation.
Please accept it beforehand.
【The necessary charge besides the goods】Consumption tax … consumption tax 8%
Shipping charge … Free delivery in Japan.(in case of return, customer burden)
A customer bears the shipping charge for shipping off to foreign countries. Collection on delivery handling charge (only in Japan) … Free
A transfer handling charge … A transferrer will pay
Deferred payment settlement handling charge (only in Japan) … Free
【Shipping off method】Door-to-door delivery service
【Shipping off time】Just after you pay as a principle (in case of cash on delivery, from an application day, within 3 days)
When not receiving goods within 10 days after payment, please make a contact.
【Defective product】After return by cash on delivery, it's exchanged for an article of good quality.
【The sales amount】Without limitation
* A trial set is 1 set as far as about the family group.
【Method of payment】1.Collection on delivery
2.Transferring (advance payment)
3.Convenience store or financial institution (NP deferred payment ・ only in Japan)
4.Credit card
【The due date】Collection on delivery: When a customer receives goods
Transferring: Shipping off after payment confirmation
A credit card: Shipping off after procedure completion
Convenience store deferred payment: From bill issue to 14 days later
【Return time limit】Please return only something unopened within 8 days after arrival of goods, when the accident which is being transported, damage or goods isn't satisfactory.
【Return shipping charge】Our burden in case of damage by defective quality
A customer burden in case of customer's convenience
【The NP deferred payment service contents】

●Method of payment
It's easy means of settlement by the relief which can be paid after at a convenience store, a post office and a bank after the arrival of goods is confirmed. A bill is mailed apart from goods, so please pay within 14 days from issue. * Only in Japan

Deferred payment handling charge : Free
The NP deferred payment service corporation net protections offer is applied to an order of the deferred payment, and personal information is offered in the reach of the service, and price credit is transferred. The limit in usage frame is to 150,000 yen (including tax) by the total balance.
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The outline in a store
The name of the store Fucoidan speciality store, Fucoidan Kenkodo
The outline in a store [Handling goods] Mozuku-seaweed extract (fucoidan)
[Brand name] Fucoidan AF Premium
Store manager Yuka Takeda
The free telephone in the store 0120-251-778
Free fax in the store 0120-858-456
Location of the store 2-8-1 Kasugabaru Higashi-machi, Kasuga-shi, Fukuoka, Japan 816-0801(Order-receiving distribution centre)

Fucoidan Kenkodo is being managed here!

Location : 2-8-1 Kasugabaru Higashi-machi, Kasuga-shi, Fukuoka, Japan 816-0801(Order-receiving distribution centre)
From Kasugabaru station of Nishi-Nippon Railroad Tenjin-Omuta line, 1 minute on foot!
From Kasuga station in JR Kagoshima-honsen, 8 minutes on foot!

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Fucoidan Kenkodo

Kasugabaruhigashimachi, Kasuga-shi, Fukuoka 2-8-1 Bill Murakami 2F
Store Holiday:The weekend holiday

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