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Flow from order to report

The flow you report consists of order as follows.

Goods are ordered.

① When "Shopping" which is to the top of each page is being clicked, an ordered page is indicated.

②Please click "Added to your cart" button and input customer's information to the order form.
★Collection on delivery, transferring, a credit card and a convenience store settlement can be used for payment. Please see this for more information. About payment

VISA・Master・DC card

★We can wrap it.

③If input ends, please click the button which is under the page [ご注文確認画面]. Then a screen of an order content check is indicated. When there are no mistakes, please press the button the form bottom [送信する].

Order content check mail transmission

A mail of the order content check is being delivered automatically to a customer. We'll send a mail of the formal report day later. The order contents, the total amount and transferee (the person who designated transferring in method of payment) etc. are written on this mail.
★When not receiving a mail from us, an input mistake of the mail address when a customer orders, is considered. When not receiving a mail from us within 24 hours, it's trouble, but contact us by the contact form, please.

Remittance for the customer who chose transfer, please

When ordering, please remit the person who chose transferring (prepayment) to the transferee written on an order content check mail from us. We'll be order reception completion after payment confirmation, and begin work of shipping off of goods.
★The person using a credit settlement will be order reception completion in the time when procedure of credit has been completed, and we'll begin work of shipping off of goods.

Shipping off of goods

When an order reception is completed, we'll ship off goods.
★We're providing for same-day delivery as much as possible for an order until 16:00(When receiving an order in a holiday, it'll be shipping off in the following business day).
It's different depending on areas, but the report number of days is 10 days from about 2 days from an order reception completion day.
★When it's collection on delivery, please pay the price to a delivery one at the time of a report (in Japan).

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