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About fucoxanthin

Japan's first water solubility, high-quality fucoxanthin is included richly in "Fucoidan AF Premium".

Seaweed has a blue alga, diatom kinds, the green alga and the kind of phaeophytes and red alga. Seaweed belongs to phaeophytes.
The tangle weed which is a raw material of fucoxanthin is learned about as a clipper.

Fucoxanthin is included by only phaeophytes of seaweed, edible brown algae and wakame in a small amount. It's one kind of carotenoid (pigment).
While a performance study as healthy food of carotenoid kinds is popular in recent years, a performance study of fucoxanthin is also developed.

It's said that fucoxanthin is the very valuable raw material only a little amount can pick out compared with fucoidan.
A supply source is only a brown alga in fucoxanthin. And even something large in fucoxanthin quantity included in the brown alga is about 0.1 % of the dry weight.
Fucoxanthin is traded in at the very high price because of the rarity.

Fucoxanthin is oily and melts in no water primarily, the water solubility which has been developed so that fucoxanthin used for liquid in Fucoidan AF Premium may melt in first water in Japan, high-quality fucoxanthin of a powder.

It's said that there is healthy power in which fucoxanthin is stronger than fucoidan recently.

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