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The report number of days, shipping charge and return of Fucoidan AF Premium

Report way

We'll deliver it in a door-to-door delivery service.

The report number of days

The number of days you begin to report is different depending on destinations.

Report time

It's possible to choose time we'll deliver from the next time and designate it in Japan.
When being hopeless, we'll deliver it at the time we can deliver earliest.

Possible to designate report time

Shipping charge

A various part of Japan is shipped off for free of charge. The collection on delivery handling charge is also free in Japan.
Delivery to foreign countries has a customer bear the shipping charge. Please see this (Delivery to foreign countries) for more information.
If there is an unclear point, please inquire and ask in the form.

Return and exchange of Fucoidan AF Premium

Only when goods are unopened, if it's within 8 days from a report day, return will handle it. In the case, you bear the shipping charge, please.
When hoping for return, please inquire and make a contact in the form.
We take precautionary measures in goods, but if there are defective products, please send by cash on delivery for us. Immediately, we'll change for new goods. It's also trouble in the case very much, but when you contact us beforehand, it can correspond more quickly.

Shipping charge of return

We'll pay all expenses in case of return and an exchange by damage or defective quality. Shipping charge will be customer's burden for return by customer's convenience. Please accept it.

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