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Personal information protection policy

LOHAS corporation (below [we]) will set a personal information protection policy as follows, build mechanism of personal information protection and promote protection of personal information by the thing which makes all employees carry recognition and a match of the importance of the personal information protection without exception.

◆About collection of personal information
The business top is limited to a necessary area and personal information is collected by the appropriate means. The destination of collection and use and the desk to a question are made clear and personal information is collected at the time of the collection.

◆Management of personal information
It's correct and customer's personal information is kept in the latest state, and to prevent hacking to personal information, loss, damage, garble and a leak, we have the necessary crackdown by which maintenance of a security system, maintenance of a control system and staff education are thoroughness, put security measures into effect and manage personal information strictly.

◆The use purpose of personal information
We'll use the personal information we kept for a customer for an e-mail and sending of material as an answer to a contact from us, guidance of business and your question.

◆Elucidation to a third person and an offer of personal information are prohibited
We'll manage the personal information kept for a customer appropriately and elucidate personal information in a third person except for the case when we come under next one of them.
・When a customer hopes
・When we elucidate to the traders who entrust business for a customer to do the service hoped for
・When there was an order elucidated based on a decree

◆Security measures of personal information
We're taking thoroughgoing measures in security for accuracy of personal information and safety securement.

◆One's own inquiry
After confirming that he is the person himself when a customer hopes for one's own inquiry of personal information, correction and elimination, it'll correspond.

◆Obeying and reconsideration of a decree and a model
Additionally the Japanese decree which is applied about possessed personal information obeys a model as well as reconsiders the contents of this policy accordingly, and we make an effort toward the improvement.

◆Inquiry about personal information
Question desk:Our personal information management responsibility person
FAX:(+81) 925927755

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