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Producing center of raw material mozuku-seaweed

Mozuku-seaweed of a raw material of Fucoidan AF Premium is 100% Okinawamozuku made in Okinawa.
There are 3 particular reasons.

Okinawamozuku☆Commitment point No1.The amount of fucoidan is different.

The mozuku-seaweed which includes fucoidan of the about 5 times of amount compared with seaweed.
The most is slightly rather thick "Futomozuku" which comes at a warm sea like Okinawa (We say "Okinawamozuku").Because the food texture also tastes good, the one most Japanese like and are eating is this mozuku-seaweed.
We also commercialize something with a lot of fucoidan contents right now at the inside.

Fucoidan was contained 89.9 % by Okinawamozuku which is being treated by us, and we found out that even the world is high degree of purity.

Okinawamozuku☆Commitment point No2.The seawater into which fucoidan grows is different.

Mozuku-seaweed absorbs the vitamin and the mineral included in seawater in the interior of the body, and the nature which grows is being heaped. So the seawater is very important for mozuku-seaweed.

Now, when water pollution is developed, and the mozuku-seaweed grows up by the seawater by which chemicals, a radiation substance and heavy metal kinds are included, what would happen?

Such chemicals also mix in the body of mozuku-seaweed of course, and it's being also in fucoidan.

A harmful substance of arsenic and a heavy metal isn't detected by Okinawamozuku of a raw material of Fucoidan AF Premium at all.
※There is a test result of Japan Food Research Laboratories and a Japanese frozen food check society.

Because fucoidan has an important person drink, we're even particular about the seawater into which mozuku grows and the seawater into which fucoidan grows.

Okinawamozuku☆Commitment point No 3.It's different that an important ingredient lives.

It's explained about sulfate group necessary to a power show of fucoidan.
The very high result as 290mg is in for the amount of the sulfate group of Fucoidan AF Premium. That's more than 13 times of amount of Super-low molecular fucoidan which was being sold so far.
Almost no refinement technology of fucoidan was established in low molecular fucoidan sale before about 10 years now.
When there was also little refined raw material fucoidan, it was said that one made in Tonga was good. But refinement technology evolved, and raw material fucoidan came to be refined by many traders.
As a result, we found out that Okinawamozuku origin fucoidan is high-quality and also rich in fucose and an ingredient of sulfate group made in Tonga.

Fucoidan refined in Okinawamozuku is high level fucoidan where the world can be proud in now.

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