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Fucoidan AF Premium delivery date ・ shipping cost ・ returned products

Delivery method

We will deliver it by parcel delivery service (Japan Post).

Delivery days

The number of days from ordering to delivery varies depending on the addressee. Please refer to the following table.

Estimated number of days from shipping to delivery
Hokkaido ・ Okinawa In 2 days
Tohoku In 2 days
Kanto / Shin-Etsu After 1 or 2 days
Chubu / Hokuriku After 1 or 2 days
Kansai Next day
Chugoku Region Next day
Shikoku Next day
Kyushu Next day

In some remote island areas it may take 3-8 days.

If you want to know the detailed delivery date here(Please enter 816 - 0801 as the source postal code) → Check delivery date (Japan Post)

Delivery time zone

You can specify the time to deliver it, picking it from the next time zone.
If you do not specify the time zone, we will deliver it to the earliest delivery time.

Delivery time zone can be specified

Shipping cost

Japan nationwide free shipping fee, various fees are free (our company will bear the full amount).
Delivery to overseas customers are responsible for shipping costs. For more information please visit here (delivery to overseas).
For detailed shipping costs to overseas please see EMS shipping list overseas . If you have any questions, please contact us at inquiry form .

Return and exchange of Fucoidan AF Premium

Returned products are accepted when within 8 days from the delivery date, only if the product is unopened. In that case, please pay the postage.
Please contact us beforehand with inquiry form .
We are taking all possible measures for products, but please send by cash on delivery to our company if there are defective products by any chance. We will immediately replace with new products.In that case as well, very sorry to trouble you, but if you contact us in advance, we can respond more quickly.

Return shipping fee

In the case of returned products / exchanges due to quality defect / damage we will bear the full amount. Please understand that it will be borne by the customer in case of customer's convenience.