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Frequently Asked Questions

Q.What is fucoidan?

A.Fucoidan is a natural ingredient contained in slimy objects such as mozuku and konbu, it is a type of polysaccharide.

When touching seaweed such as kelp, seaweed, mozuku, or when you eat, you slimy?
Fucoidan is a natural ingredient contained in that "slimy", it is a type of polysaccharide.

The role of this "slimy" is to protect cells so that bacteria do not get inside, covering their wounds when Mozuku, seaweed, and kelp are hit by a rock in the severe tidal stream.Also, at the time of the ebb tide, seaweed will be bathed directly in the sun and dried. In such a case too, the "slimy" ingredient becomes a protective film and protects from drying.

In other words, Fucoidan is a barrier that seaweed protects himself from external stimuli such as tidal current and ultraviolet rays and prevents drying and bacteria.

It is becoming understood that we have surprising health power for us in the ingredients included in this "slimy".

Q.What is the effect of fucoidan?

A.According to the provisions of the law, we can not give misleading information.

We think that it is best to investigate yourself in books written about Fucoidan.

Q.Unlike other fucoidans, what are the features of only Fucoidan AF Premium?

A.Fucoidan AF Premium has the following features.。

1.High component content
2.Raw materials of high purity and high quality are used
3.Strong component Ascorophylum is included
4.Strong component fucoxanthin is included
5.It is manufactured at an ISO certified factory and has been inspected by the laboratory designated by the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare even after product completion
Besides, it is a nutritious functional food in which important nutrients such as amino acids, vitamins B1, B2, B6 are well balanced.

Q.What are the features of Fucoidan Kenkodo?

A."I can purchase with confidence as this shop." We will receive many voices.

Founded 32 years. We have healthy food sales 23 years, Fucoidan product sales 15 years.
We have received many voices of joy.
In addition, we are constantly developing and researching "We want to make products that are better now than current products" and "We want to make products that can demonstrate more power than the products that are present".

"Fucoidan AF Premium" boosts the high quality fucoidan with purity of Okinawa Mozuku raw material of 85%, and now incorporates attention Ascophyllan.
We are convinced that we can support health more strongly than traditional fucoidan products by adding high quality fucoidan and incorporating Ascophyllan.

Q.I heard that Mozuku from Tonga is rich in fucoidan, but is it different?

A.Okinawa Mozuku dealt with in our company contains 85% fucoidan and it was found that it is high in the world.

At the time of release of ultra low molecular weight fucoidan about ten years ago from now it has been almost impossible to establish fucoidan purification technology. Fucoidan of refined raw material was also few, and at that time it was that Tonga was good.
However, as refining technology evolved, raw materials fucoidan was refined by many suppliers. As a result, it was found that Fucoidan derived from Okinawa Mosuku is higher in quality than Tonga, and it has abundant ingredients such as fucose and sulfate group. Fucoidan refined in Okinawa Mosuku is a high quality fucoidan that is now proud of the world.

Q.Is there any side effect (improving reaction)?

A.Fucoidan AF Premium is a health food so there are no side effects. Please do not worry.

However, there may be cases where bowel movement becomes loose at the beginning of drinking. In that case, we recommend decreasing the amount of drinking and gradually increasing it.

Q.Fucoidan AF Premium contains a different ingredient (Ascophyllan, Fucoxanthin), but do not we get allergies?

A.Allergic reactions vary from individual to individual.

All raw materials used for Fucoidan AF Premium are tested in animals and we are inspecting for allergic reactions. You can drink with confidence. However, should an allergic reaction occur, we recommend that you drink less and observe the course.

Q.There is no sugar - free type. I am concerned about sugar, is it okay?

A.Yes, it is okay.

The sweetness ingredient in Fucoidan AF Premium is erythritol, a safe and harmless sweetener for the body. It is a component which is contained in fruit and flower nectar etc., 90% is absorbed in the body, but it is excreted in the urine as it is, so you can drink safely even if you care about sugar.

Q.Which one should I take with Fucoidan AF Premium's liquid and capsule?

A.Either of them is ok.

Please choose according to lifestyle which drinker is easy to drink.

Q.How much should I drink?

A.Because it is a health food, there is no strict dose.

As a guide, please drink 30 to 60 ml (2 to 3 capsules) per day. When you are concerned about health, please drink 240 ml (12 capsules) as a guide. Please adjust for those who feel disorder due to overdrink.

Q.I heard that fucoxanthin is vulnerable to heat, can I store at room temperature?

A.Yes, you can.

We conducted experiments that fucoxanthin contained in our Fucoidan AF Premium is heated at 80 ° C or 100 ° C for 1 hour and use high quality raw materials that are stable against heat.

In addition, we are using highly safe raw materials that have also cleared the remaining pesticide test, 90 days repeated dose toxicity etc, so please be assured of that point as well.
Please keep away from direct sunlight, high temperature and humidity.

* Fucoxanthin originally has an oily character. However, since it is not soluble in water when it is oily, we use water soluble fucoxanthin developed to dissolve in water for the first time in Japan for the liquid type of Fucoidan AF Premium (We use an oily one for capsule type).

Q.What does the liquid taste like?

A.There are individual differences in the taste you feel, but it is the impression that the staff actually drank.

It tastes like Mozuku vinegar with the taste of kelp. There is sweetness and sourness, but in the first impression of the mouth, the taste of kelp seems to be strong. The aftertaste is refreshing and it is an impression that it is "delicious" even when drinking with fucoidan so far.
Please try the taste with the trial set.

Q.Can I mix something if liquid is difficult to drink?

A.If it is not an irritant such as coffee or alcohol, you can mix with your favorite things such as fruit juice and drink it.

However, mixing a large amount of other moisture may cause the ingredients to dilute or the ingredient absorption ability to fall. Please be careful.

Q.Can I drink with medicine?

A.Please do not mix with medicine.

Fucoidan AF Premium is made from natural ingredients such as natural seaweed. Therefore, it can be used in conjunction with medicines and other health foods.
However, please do not mix fucoidan with medicine.

Q.Can I use it with other health foods?

A.It's okay. However, in order to make use of each characteristic, please do not drink at the same time, please drink time.

Also, if you are drinking citrus vinegar, Fucoidan AF Premium also includes it, so it is fine even if you stop it.

Q.Is there a limit on age and constitution?

A.If you have soy allergy, hormone restriction, iodine limit please consult your doctor. Other than that there is nothing in particular.

Fucoidan is made of natural ingredients including natural food ingredients, which are contained in seaweeds such as Mozuku and kelp.It is the same thing as eating mozuku and kelp, so anyone of any age can drink continuously.

Q.Is it safe for the elderly and pregnant women to drink?

A.Yes, it is safe.

Fucoidan AF Premium is rich in ingredients and does not contain chemical additives, so please do try it by all means.

Q.Is not iodine contained?

A.It is only a small amount, but it is included in Ascophyllan.

The analytical test report of Japan Food Analysis Center shows 0.7 mg / 100 g in liquid type. If you are restricted intake of iodine please consult your doctor.

Q.Although it is an artificial anus, is it safe to drink?

A.Yes, it is okay. Since Fucoidan AF Premium liquid is water-soluble, there is no problem.

There is nothing to be clogged, so please be relieved.

Q.Is Fucoidan AF Premium a drug?

A.This product is not a drug having a specific effect / efficacy.

It is a dietary supplement based on fucoidan extracted from seaweed food Mozuku.

Q.I feel that it is more expensive than other fucoidan products?

A.No, in fact it is a very worthwhile price.

The total price of raw materials per kilogram of this product exceeds 500,000 yen. When total unit price of raw materials is compared with common fucoidan products of 50,000 yen to 100,000 yen per kilogram, unit price of raw materials simply will be more than five times more profitable items.
If you investigate compounding balance of fucoidan content, fucoidan purity, sulfuric acid group content, other ingredients etc. of the same product containing fucoidan well, it will be worth thinking that this product is worth the price.
Please check the content, purity, blending ingredients etc. without being misled by the immediate price and think of the best choice.
In our regular course, it is cheaper than the regular price, yet it is offered free shipping in Japan nationwide.

Q.Where is the manufacturer?

A.Biken Science Co., Ltd.

It is safe because it is packed in a bottle at a factory in Japan that has obtained ISO 9001 certification by the International Organization for Standardization, using raw materials produced at domestic plants that have obtained ISO 22000 certification and organic JAS certification.ISO certification is a food safety management system that sets safety as a global standard.

Q.Best before?

A.It is described in the product box and bottle.

After unpacking, please keep it in the refrigerator and drink it within 2 months.

Q.Should I tell my doctor that I am drinking?

A.Either one is fine.

Please consult him if there is restriction of water and meal.

Q.Will not the bottle crack during delivery?

A.We devised not to crack.

Dispatch of goods has paid close attention so that it does not break in the middle of delivery. Please be assured we will ship it in a special cardboard.Even if it should be broken, please rest assured that we will exchange it for good products without charge.

Q.When I place an order, how long will it arrive?

A.Depending on the area of the customer's place of residence, after order confirmation, delivery is possible from the next day to the next day at the shortest.

We will keep shipping the same day or next business day after confirming your order.If it is in Japan, we will deliver it within 2-4 days from the date of receiving your order (excluding remote islands).

* In the case of cash on delivery, please pay the delivery fee to the delivery member at the time of delivery.
* In the case of a credit card, we will ship the item after credit card transaction procedure.
* In case of convenience store postpay, please pay with the payment sent separately from the product at a later date.