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The ingredient amount is top-ranking by industry!

Triple powers of fucoidan
Useful ingredient 437500mg combination

*in 1 bottle (900ml)

 ■Ingredients (Liquids)
Okinawa Mozuku extracts (Fucoidan), Fragrant vinegar powder (rice vinegar, Dextrin), Erythritol, Concentrated apple juice, Fucoxanthin-containing Kelp Extract, A Seaweed Extract (Ascophyllan), Sugarcane Extract, Cyclic oligosaccharide, Vitamin C, Citric Acid, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Niacin
 ■Nutrition per 30 ml of liquid version
Calories 9.6kcal,Protein 0.18g,Total Fat 0g,Carbohydrate 2.22g,Salt equivalent 0.085g,Vitamin B1 1mg,Vitamin B6 1mg,Vitamin C 80mg
* Heavy metals, arsenic and radioactive substances (Iodine 131/Cesium 134/Cesium 137) have not been detected (Tested by Japan Food Research Laboratories)

Seven reasons why Fucoidan AF Premium is selected

1.Pure Japanese Okinawa Mozuku

The fucoidan is contained in seaweed and mozuku, however the amount differs depending on the seaweed
Mozuku contains more fucoidan and it has been known that Okinawa Mozuku contains the most fucoidan among other mozuku. Fucoidan AF Premium uses 100% Okinawa Mozuku.

amount of fucoidan

2.Hitting the industry top-class for the amount of fucoidan (derived from Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed)

Contains 430,000 mg per liquid serving of 900 ml, and 90 mg per capsule (237 mg)

With its large amount of fucoidan, you can take in fucoidan more efficiently even with a small amount of the drink than regular fucoidan products. You can also see the cost-effectiveness when comparing the fucoidan amount to other products.

3.High-quality fucoidan with more than 85% purity ratio

Fucoidan AF Premium contains high-quality Okinawa Mozuku Seaweed okinawamozuku harvested in Okinawa with a purity ratio of more than 85%. There are many products containing the same Okinawa Mozuku, but you have to select carefully because some products on the market contain fucoidan with a low purity ratio and some even do not disclose the ratio at all.

4.Ascophyllan, a trendy seaweed

Contains a large amount of "Ascophyllan" that is recently drawing attention for its superior activity compared to other general fucoidan!

Structural formula

"Ascophyllan" that has been highlighted for its power that excels activities of general fucoidan.
Fucoidan AF Premium contains Ascophyllan material from a major company, which conducts basic research and applied research in collaboration with national universities and has been reported in numerous academic conferences and papers.

* Ascophyllan and fucoidan derived from Okinawa Mozuku have different chemical structural formulas (The illustration on the right shows simplified formulas, but they have more saccharides attached to them).

5.Fucoxanthin to mutually empower fucoidan!

Fucoxanthin is contained in kelp, Hijiki Seaweed, Wakame Seaweed, etc.fucoidan with fucoxanthin in a very small quantity, and it is one of non-pro-vitamin A carotenoids and belongs to Xanthophyll. Fucoxanthin is drawing the world's eyes as it increases its mutually enhancing power when taken in with fucoidan. Fucoxanthin is oleaginous by nature and is not water soluble, but the one contained in the liquid of Fucoidan AF Premium is high-quality water soluble powder that was first developed in Japan. The material of Fucoxanthin used for producing Fucoidan AF Premium is high-quality Fucoxanthin derived from Japanese kelp that is widely known as a luxury food.

6.Abundant in amino acids and vitamins that are essential for bodily health

Contains over 1.8 times of 18 types of amino acids including essential ones for your body and each vitamin compared to what’s included in super micro particle fucoidan that has been sold so far. It also contains vitamins that are in compliance with the maximum and minimum standard values specified by the government, allowing it to be classified as a Food with Nutrient Function Claims.

* Nutritions described in the Nutrition Facts for Food with Nutrient Function Claims are essential to human life sustaining activities with their scientific background widely acknowledged and established by the medical and nutritional academia. There is a standard for 5 minerals and 12 vitamins now. Fucoidan AF Premium contains vitamins that comply with this standard, and its nutrition facts are displayed on its package.

7.Seeking out reassurance and security

Fucoidan AF Premium is produced and manufactured from the procurement of ingredients to the complete products at ISO certified factories which have fulfilled international safety standards. We focus on health and wish to provide safe products for daily drinking even amongst children and pets. Our products are 100% additive-free with preservation agent, artificial coloring, and perfume elements.

Our products undergo constituent analysis by public institutions including one of the largest inspection organizations in Japan.

Every can drink worry-free as iodine, arsenic, and heavy metal are undetected.

* If you have a limitation on iodine intake, please refrain from using this product.

the test result note ISO・JAS・UKAS

Highly appreciated by drinkers

What is Fucoidan?

Fucoidan is a type of polysaccharide natural substance found on the outer layer of seaweed. It protects seaweed from the current, ultraviolet rays, and other external stimuli working as a barrier against dryness and the bacteria. Fucoidan is well known for having the power to promote health and has been reported in various scientific researches.

About side effects

There are no side effects as it is a “health food” however includes dietary fiber which may loosen bowel movement. In these cases, we recommend you gradually increase of consumption until the body as adjustment to it.

Preservation Method

For liquid version, unopened containers may be preserved at room temperature however should avoid direct sunlight. Opened containers are to be preserved in the refrigerator and should be used within two months. Capsule type can be preserved in room temperature.

Drinking Method

For the liquid version, stir well before drinking. It is important to refrigerate the product after it has been opened. For the capsule type, do not chew it but drink it via water or other beverages. It is also accepted take the open the capsule and drink its contents.

Paying Method / Estimated Delivery Time

<Domestic Shipment>
Acceptable payment methods are credit card (VISA, MASTER, Diners), bank transfer prior to shipment (Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Japan Net Bank, Japan Post Bank), cash on delivery, or future payments. It will be delivered within 4 days using the Yu-Pack (Japan Post's delivery pack). There will be no charge for domestic shipping.

<International Shipment>
Acceptable payment methods are credit card (VISA, MASTER, Diners) and bank transfer prior to shipment (Mitsubishi UFJ Bank, Japan Net Bank, Japan Post Bank). It will be delivered via EMS mail. The delivery day may differ depending on the country, so please inquire with us when ordering. *Note that delivery to some countries may not be possible. International buyers are to pay the shipping charges.


We only accept returns for unopened product within 8 days of receiving the item. Fee for the return shipment will be the responsibility of the buyer. Please contact us before returning any items.


Q. What are the strong points of Fucoidan AF Premium?

1. Contains the industry's top-class amount of Fucoidan.
2. Contains Ascophyllan that is now a focus of attention.
3. Contains Fucoxanthin that is now a focus topic.
4. High-quality ingredients with high purity.
5. Even after production is completed, products are tested at an inspection agency appointed by Ministry of Health, Labor, and Welfare.
In addition, important nutrients such as fucoxanthin, trans-resveratrol, astaxanthin, amino acid, vitamin B1, B2, and B3 are included to maintain balance.

Q. How much Fucoidan AF Premium is drinkable daily?

There is no definite amount since it is a food product ranging from approximately 30ml~480ml (2 capsules to 24 capsules) a day.

Q. Can I drink it with a medicine?

Yes, but please do not mix them into the medicine.

Q. May I drink it with other health foods?

Yes, but for the maximum effect, allow time to pass between the products instead of drinking simultaneously.

Q. May I mix it with other beverages when it is difficult to drink?

You can mix it with other drinks such as juice. However, do not mix with a coffee or alcohol.

Q. What kind of taste does it have?

The liquid version tastes similar seaweed added with mozuku seaweed vinegar.
It has a sweet and slight sourness, but the first impression most experienced is the seaweed flavor.
Our staffs agree that it is “Tasty” compared to even other fucoidan.

Q. Are there risks of allergy?

We guarantee its safety by testing all contents of product. You may drink it with a peace of mind, however on a rare chance that an allergic reaction arises, please immediately go to the hospital.

Q. Is it safe for the elderly, young children, and pets?

Yes it is, but start with smaller portions for young children and pets.

Q. I know there is a liquid and capsule version, but which one should I drink?

You may drink whichever you want depending on your preference.

Q. Is the product medicinal?

No, our product is not medicinal. It is a “health food” which contains fucoidan extracted from seaweed as its principle ingredient.

Q. Can we contact you in languages other than Japanese?

Please contact us Via the contact form or fax when inquire with languages other than Japanese.
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Fax: (+81) 925927755

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