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Fucoidan AF Premium liquid sets《Full refund guarantee system》

Fucoidan AF Premium liquid

For customers who purchased more than 3 sets of Fucoidan AF Premium liquid type for the first time, there is safe full refund guarantee system !

I'd like to continue Fucoidan AF Premium, but "what should I do if I buy a set item and the taste does not fit" "What if I can not drink it"
With this guarantee, you are safe as well.

<Refund method>
If you wish to make a refund, please contact us by phone first (within 1 month after purchase).
After that, you will return the set items to Fucoidan Kenkodo (shipping fee will be borne by you).
As soon as your package arrives, we will refund the full price of the item price to your designated bank account.

Contact information:Fucoidan Kenkodo Free phone 0120-251-778

For details, please refer to the document included in the item.

Fucoidan AF Premium is such a taste … It tastes like Mozu vinegar with the taste of kelp.There is sweetness and sourness, but in the first impression of the mouth, the taste of kelp seems to be strong.The aftertaste is refreshing, and most of the impression that it is "delicious" even if drinking with fucoidan which had been sold in the past is almost.

For the first time, we present a set of news letters and fucoidan documents with a lot of health information.

Japan nationwide free shipping ・ various fees free

Payment method, you can choose cash on delivery, convenience store postpay, credit card, transfer.

 ■Ingredients (Liquids)
Okinawa Mozuku extracts (Fucoidan), Fragrant vinegar powder (rice vinegar, Dextrin), Erythritol, Concentrated apple juice, Fucoxanthin-containing Kelp Extract, Ascophyllum nodosum, Mekabu Seaweed Extract, Sugarcane Extract, Cyclic oligosaccharide, Vitamin C, Citric Acid, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Niacin
 ■Nutrition per 30 ml of liquid version
Calories 8.3kcal,Protein 0.18g,Total Fat 0.03g,Saccharide 1.69mg,Dietary Fiber 0.40g,Sodium 42.7mg,Vitamin B1 1mg,Vitamin B6 1mg,Vitamin C 80mg
* Heavy metal and arsenic undetected (Resource: Japan Food Research Laboratories, Japan Frozen Foods Inspection Corporation)

All over Japan is free shipping, but when sending overseas we will charge you shipping fee, so please understand.
A detailed shipping fee is here → The charge for EMS

To order "the full refund guaranteed sets" from here
Fucoidan AF Premium 3 sets(900 ml × 6) Full refund guaranteed 3 sets(900 ml × 6)《172,800 yen》(57,600 yen/1 set)
We recommend to you that "I'd like to try it for a while" or "I want to buy with great advantage".
Fucoidan AF Premium 6 sets(900 ml × 12) Full refund guaranteed 6 sets(900 ml × 12)《328,320 yen》(54,720 yen/1 set)
We recommend to you that "I want to buy more," "I want to buy a lot at once".
Fucoidan AF Premium 12 sets(900 ml × 24) Full refund guaranteed 12 sets(900 ml × 24)《623,160 yen》(51,930 yen/1 set)
We recommend to you that "I want to continue for a while" "I want to buy with great advantage".

Other types are here

Fucoidan AF Premium 30ml set
30 ml vial set
Fucoidan AF Premium capsule
Fucoidan AF Premium liquid & capsule special set
Liquid & capsule set

User Guide -Fucoidan Kenkodo is free shipping all over Japan ・ various fees free

【How to order】
Shopping cart (Internet) ・ Telephone ・ FAX ・ E-mail
We accept orders by phone from 9: 00-21: 00 every day
(Japanese only)
【Payment method】
Credit card
commission free
Credit cards accepted
Credit cards
If you want to use a card other than the above, please contact us from here.
【Delivery days】
After completing the procedure, within Japan it will be delivered within 1-2 business days (except for remote islands, some areas).
Orders on Saturdays, Sundays, holidays or after 16 o'clock will be shipped the next business day.
In case of credit card, we will ship it after settlement is completed.
【Delivery time zone】
Delivery time zone can be specified
You can choose from the above time zones.
【Shipping fee, commission, etc.】
It is not necessary in Japan. It is all included in the item price.
* In the case of shipment to overseas, you are responsible for shipping costs. Please note.
We will ship by
EMS (international speed mail).
A detailed shipping fee is here → The charge for EMS
【Contact Information】
Inquiries are received by inquiry form ・ TEL.
Contact form here  
TEL:0120-251-778 (Japanese only)
Contact time by phone:9:00~21:00  
Officer responsible: Yuka Takeda

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